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The problem with parklets is that they can be expensive and unattainable for smaller cities across the globe. While larger cities like San Francisco and Philadelphia have the funds to design and install permanent parklets, smaller cities like Bethlehem are struggling with ways that they can make their city more inviting while also staying within their budget. 


Over the course of 10 weeks, a group of students at Lehigh University has developed and tested a low-cost, effective solution for parklets in Bethlehem,PA.  A total of 7 parklets, using low-cost material and modular design, were designed and installed in different areas across South Side Bethlehem; each with a different purpose (outdoor seating, interactive music garden, performance space, etc.). The parklets were then tested for a two week period, seeing if they are beneficial for smaller cities like Bethlehem and how the community was effected by them. To learn more about our design and detailed information about each of the ten parklets, visit the pages at the menu bar above.

Our goal at Pop-Up Parklets is to design and develop a low-cost, effective solution that smaller cities can use and replicate across the world to bring the wonderful world of parklets into their community. 

"Improving Walkability, One Parklet At A Time!"

 " Absolutely incredible work done by these students! Truly changing the world!!!! "

" I don't know what to say, I'm blown away. "

" Making a difference in the world. SO PROUD "


~Bill Whitney 
~Karen Pooley



Parklets take street parking spots and transform them into friendly public spaces. Typically, it is comprised of a platform, walls, tables, and chairs. Parklets make perfect spots for people to relax, eat, and socialize!

Parklets are typically placed in urban environments with the goal of helping people become more comfortable and familiar with their community. The first known parklet originated in San Francisco and has since spread to many other cities across the globe. Parklets have shown to increase walkability and provide a livelier urban environment. 



Parklets allow members of a community to interact with their urban environment. Not only do they make the setting more inviting, it also helps boost local businesses by increasing foot traffic. 

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